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The Ill Philosophy - CDBaby Remix

Agueybana X/DJ Que-Stylez
Charles Cruz Dueno


The Ill Philosophy - CDbaby Remix

CDbaby Remix is a hard hitting club variant of the Ill Philosophy. This remixed version of the 2014 release features an alternate drum track produced by Agueybana X. The CDbaby Remix is an exclusive for fans who buy the Warrior EP album through CDBaby.


Agueybana X already had a lot of production experience from working with DJ Que-Stylez prior to his hiatus from the music scene starting in 2002; But actually producing the music himself and working with sample based production was an entirely new lane.

Although much of his music production draws heavy from a fusion of classic Hip Hop, Salsa and Latin-Jazz, The CDBaby Remix is more typical of what you might hear in a club, using heavy synthizers and trap-music drum kits. The beat drives hard and the song is extended an extra minute just for DJs to get creative with!


The Ill Philosophy

True Warriors are the ones who are willing to step up and take a stand and become the change they wish to see in the world, and things in this world's gotta change...


Call yourself the weedman but not a damn thing natural

Your superficial like everything else around you

You flossin’, hi gloss, poster boy annoying sick fuckin joke,

Complete with war bonnet and locs

You’ve awoken an old spirit you can’t control

Reminiscent of when real niggaz had soul

And even then I was sounding the war drums, this revolution

It doesn’t matter where the fuck you were from

Cause we all living the same struggle as one

But some chose to be blind, deaf and dumb

I’m not the one to mince words, I only speak from the inner connect

Its time rise with intelligence…

Jokes over, I’m walking the red path

And shoving that peace pipe up the crack of your ass

From seven directions, north, south, east, west, up, down and center

And that’s just for beginners

I’m different, gifted, rolling with pure lyricism

I’m distant, beyond all your material ambition

Cause what you got is nothing but pipe dreams, it might seem your vision need to be clearer

Cause what you preaching is smoke and mirrors

Only provoke the inner rage

cause each and everyone knows that in this day in age

It’s so simple to turn the page and leave things be

But that ain’t my style, son, this ain’t harmony…

You ain’t there yet, so put that war bonnet down

You just another clown in the industry drowning

out the real voices of real people, who're doing real things

with real healing, your too stupid and ignorant to see.


My Ill Philosophy, I’m still cerebral like ancient magic

Beyond that mickey mouse bullshit you can imagine

can’t get down with the stupidity that passes

Cause everyone is stuck on clown-face for the masses

So I disappeared for years at a time, but never out of touch

Can’t be a hater cause I never cared about it much

But coming back, I’m seeing red, and it’s just your luck

I took your peace pipe and sodomized you like a slut

So step aside don’t even think of coming out your face

Cause its always the stupid ones that never know their place

Could care less what you think about my meager ways

you one step away from the young shit Justin Bieber say

Either way I’m too elegant with these words, you irrelevant

Does it matter if the industry’s selling it?

Can you tell its evident, choose my words to be eloquent

Killing it like Fela Kuti, take you out of your element

Commonsense, you should have known what you trolling to provoke

It seems like everyone is thinking everything’s a joke

And hopeless, but I don’t live up to low expectations

Not complacent, I only grow impatient

Making sense of this tragedy, I dissect masterfully, dastardly

It’s only a matter of time and you just had to be

the one that crossed the line, and this the moment of truth

So now I have to make examples out of niggaz like you

I’m true school nigga, before the money and the cars

Before the gold digga bitches, fancy drinks and caviar

Before guns and attitudes, before keeping it real

Before crack, sneaker endorsements and backroom deals

Before greedy record execs telling you what’s next

What to do, what to wear, who to love, who to respect

I’m from when we walked and talked in the dialects of gods, resurrected and

manifested in the soul of Agueybana X...


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