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El Tiburon

Agueybana X/DJ Que-Stylez
Charles Cruz Dueno


El Tiburon

El Tiburon is a high octane bar fest in the traditional style of Big Daddy Kane; a legendary MC who was able to combine energetic multisyllabic rhyme structure over fast paced rhythms, like Set it Off, or Wrath of Kane. Although not officially on the Warrior Poet King album, this song is featured in all versions of the The Warrior EP.


Agueybana X already had a lot of production experience from working with DJ Que-Stylez prior to his hiatus from the music scene starting in 2002; But actually producing the music himself and working with sample based production was an entirely new lane.

El Tiburon revisits some of the percussion from Aguamobagua and The Ill Philosophy mixed with mambo-salsa elements at a furious pace of 120 bpm. A lot of music today used double time arrangements at around 70 bpm and lyrically are not as structurally complex as demonstrated in El Tiburon

This song is one of the few arrangements that use synthesizers and electronic instrumention as the sound of Agueybana X has since gone in a more Neosoul-Jazz direction. However when its time to throw down, this song demonstrates his versatility. El Tiburon features scratches by DJ Que-Stylez as a homage to DJ Too Tuff (Tuff Crew) and was recorded shortly after the passing of Prince(Housequake). El Tiburon is mastered by BoTrackshack.


El Tiburon


Yo ,words start to form

takes a little moment till they start to swarm

take a long hard look, make it nice and long

I drop bombs when I rock but I'm nice and calm

to make a long story short, the full support I'll court

but never compromise my sense of worth

and even if I never get a mic in the source

its no loss cause I'm still the boss, of course

Its Agueybana X and I'm next to flex on it

you can say I'm blessed, but lets be honest

innovative breaks, created like sonic powered earthquakes

that shake the plate tectonics, but wait

as I wake in the break of dawn, in the early morn

and I take a yawn

and my ears start to bleed, have to change the song

everybody wanna rhyme blind, deaf, and dumb

now bring it on, I dont want to say your name

but ya'll corny ass rappers all sound the same

got me feeling like I'm hating the game and its no shame

but what else is left to blame

but if the fame be the cause, then you know it is

now these mutherfuckers lost on this glowy shit

you wanna floss but I'm showing you the flow with this

and you know the A X got soul with this

El Tiburon


Yeah ya'll simple mutherfuckers aint ready for this

Ya'll cant anticipate my next move, Warrior Poet King

Coming through in the L.V, This the E.P.

I'm lowkey but keeping it hot in these streets

Agueybana X


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