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Aztec War Poetry Pt 1

Agueybana X/DJ Que-Stylez
Charles Cruz Dueno


Aztec War Poetry Pt 1 (Hatuey's Lament)

Aztec War Poetry pt 1 (Hatuey's Lament) is the first entry in a side story that is being developed to compliment the release of the Warrior Poet King Album. Fans of Agueybana X may remember his early days when he presented himself as D-Cruz AKA The Daddy Riddler. In 2002, him and DJ Que-Stylez,(then known as Quan-Tut) recorded a monolithical battle rap called "Red Dawn/Holy Wars: Battle Daddy Riddler vrs D-Cruz" This was the beginning of the progression that would eventually become "Agueybana X".


In 2002, D-Cruz AKA The Daddy Riddler left the music scene, leaving the question unanswered, who won that battle? But in 2014, When he would return to the music scene, that would be the first question to be answered, and the side story was developed.


D-Cruz made the decision to leave the music scene and the Daddy Riddler (also known as the Riddler Prince) would be locked away in the deepest darkest parts of his soul chained to the tree of life in total darkness with a blind fold over his eyes, not because he is blind, but because the world he sees is ugly. His third eye (once his most powerful weapon) sealed shut with a scar. The Riddler Prince is no longer what he was; he is consumed with rage and fury, ready to tear down the very gates of Heaven itself, and so he has become an entirely new entity called "The Old Blind Warrior".


D-Cruz would eventually even drop the name D-Cruz, to pursue a career outside of Hip Hop, but in 2014, the artist that would become Agueybana X, had to channel the abstract viciousness of the Riddler Prince mentality to re-enter the Hip Hop scene with the song "The Ill Philosophy"; in fact line 5 and 6 of the Ill Philosophy and Jibaro Soul, line 3 and 4 are direct references to the Riddler Prince.


The Ill Philosophy

You’ve awoken an old spirit you can’t control

Reminiscent of when real niggaz had soul


Que-Styles scratches a phrase from the Riddler Prince

(cause I speak the dialects even the gods couldn't fathom)


Jibaro Soul

this inner rage burns, every day I learn to contain it

this world picture we painted feels like all the good is tainted


So as the story goes, the artist formally know as D-Cruz had to channel parts of the Riddler Prince in order to add some fire to The Ill Philosophy and Jibaro Soul, but that comes with a cost....


Aguamobagua (Sound the Horns) is written like a magical incantation designed to release the Old Blind Warrior from his prison of darkness. Initially there was a video concept for Aguamobagua which would take place in "The Temple which Houses the Pulse of the Earth". Aguamobagua means "the sea trumpet" and in this story, it is magical relic which when sounded would open a way to the dark prison where Old Blind Warrior resides. A mystical party takes place on the temple grounds and at the end of the song, the earth would shake revealing the passage underneath the temple which leads to the Old Blind Warrior's prison.


The artist formally known as D-Cruz would enter the passage in hopes of finding Old Blind Warrior and soliciting his help to reenter the music scene; A conversation ensues between "D-Cruz" and Old Blind Warrior, and while initially it was thought that Old Blind Warrior was the one in chains, it turns out, it was really "D-Cruz" who was imprisoned by other peoples expectations of him.


Old Blind Warrior stands up, takes his weapon "The Broken Sword of Hatuey" and proceeds to leave the passage, leaving the artist formally known as D-Cruz, chained to the tree of life in the darkness.This is not the same Riddler Prince though, and those awaiting him outside will be the first to find that out.


The Godz Demand Blood (Yet to be recorded) is the next song in this series, where The Old Blind Warrior proceeeds to slaughter everyone on the temple grounds using a strange new tactic called the Seven Directional Swordform, literally striking at the very souls of his enemies.He singlehanded clears the grounds and makes his way to the temple center where he approaches the Pulse of the Earth and takes it for himself, then uses it to vanish...


Guaroco - The Remembrance (to be released on the Warrior Poet King album) is the next in this series where it turns out Old Blind Warrior has used the Pulse of the Earth to enter the mythical underworld known as Coabey and light his way. He is searching for something in the underworld, and eventually finds a little boy called Guali, a wielder of Aguamobagua (the sea trumpet). Guali uses the trumpet to part the waters in Coabey, revealing an army of souls whos eyes open up in the darkness behind them. They cross the waters with the full intention to storm the gates of heaven. The war has begun...


Old Blind Warrior, formally the Riddler Prince isnt interested in the ways of the world, so he chooses to be blind to it. He is only interested in the reawakening of his people, and the Warrior Poet King album, is the opening chapter of his story. This is the legacy of Agueybana X, AKA The Great Sun Mysterious.


Aztec War Poetry:Part 1 (Hatuey's Lament)


Living the Urban Paradox, Everything is Everything

Shadowboxing spirits and thinking life is a dream

Like a child at play, I used to sway in waters of Mother Atabey

I thought I said what I had to say

Did what I had to do, shifted my attitude

Like I'm mad at you, I ain't jokin cause I'm through

With token soft words spoken, Hoping my soul is awoken

My sword is broken, The gates of Heaven are left wide open

Provoking me to rise, I'm energized

Blindfolded over my eyes, See the world for its lies

Chained to the Tree of Life, in darkness, used to see

With a scar, over where my Third Eye used to be...

Now its hard for me; truthfully, I wanna cry

while the marches of battle echo through my mind like a lullaby.

Was asleep, but my soul never rested. words manifested

By the blood of kings past, I stand tested

Now I get it, I was the soldier that Heaven rejected

Now my Seven Directional Swordform is perfected

My whole being is aesthetic, The Warrior Poetic

I'm eclectic, My dialect is electric

By any given metric, Now I'm storming the gates of Heaven

With my bredren, like its the battle of Armegeddon

This Red Path I'm living, I'm testing the will of men

Who survive these wardrums, got me feeling I'm alive again...