Bohio Allstars

Bohio LLC

We are the artists directly managed and promoted by Bohio LLC

This tier of artists are directly associated with Bohio LLC, either as a client or service provider. This group receives a level of service based on operational budget and Bohio LLC's resources are specifically geared towards their success. Although Bohio LLC is not technically a record label,  the artists in this tier receive internal support to include cooperative management, graphic-design support and branding, domain management and hosting via HostBaby, music production, engineering and mastering, video post editing, as well as distribution through CDBaby,(Which will distribute music to all the major outlets, like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.)

Bohio Allstars 2018 Line up

Following a tradition set forth by the Fania All-Stars, Bohio LLC assembled its best and brightest talent for a collaborative effort in Hip Hop, R&B and Soul. The Bohio Allstars project is scheduled for released in the later part of 2018 tentatively. Stay tuned for the 2018 Line up!