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Bohio LLC

Creative Marketing Solutions

Bohio LLC is an innovative multimedia design company with a signature style of its own. We believe in design integrity and the expression of our vision to help promote business marketing strategies using a joint methodology. Thus we promote ourselves by promoting you as an artist in our signature style, we call "Native Vision"

We encourage our artists to network together as part of the Bohio Artists Network: Our network is comprised of fellow musicians, producers, engineers or those who simply have a strong love of our music and culture and are happy to share their wealth of knowledge.

Together, we have the resources to reach worldwide audiences, through our internet radio station, BAN Radio, which currently streams our artists primarily, as well as the creative mixes and mash ups of our veteran DJs. Currently, we are playing Loading ...! Check out whats going on! We also have a catalog of music if you check out what we have done!

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